Our History

Meat Inspectors is built on longstanding expertise in training, supporting and managing staff for the Australian meat industry.

The founder of Meat Inspectors offers 20 year experience in agribusiness, meat processing and standards development combined with deep expertise in workforce planning, recruitment and management and management of quality and workplace systems to meet approved practices and procedures.

In 2009 the formerly Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF), now Department of Agriculture made a commitment to drive toward full cost recovery of the meat inspection services, this was officially commenced in 2011. We were successful in being the first independent Fee for Service supplier of meat inspection services for a Queensland based client, in charge of delivering their entire meat inspection services.


Our difference is in our people, a team of experienced industry people who know the business. To support the industry and create a solution for you, Meat Inspectors have the technical abilities, training capacity and national coverage to deliver a service to clients that is world class.

Meat Inspectors will work with our processor partners to deliver required governance through independent control of meat inspection, ensuring ongoing market access to premium markets. We will maintain and improve meat inspection productivity by ensuring ongoing co-ordination between our processing partners and the Department of Agriculture with no compromise to the established quality systems and international market requirements.

Meat Inspectors will work with our staff to manage seamless career continuity and career progression following the transition to Meat Inspectors as the new employing entity. We will provide a workplace with pay conditions linked to productivity and performance and opportunities for learning and development.

Meat Inspectors will invest in ongoing development of integrated quality systems with key stakeholders including Australian Meat Processors and the Department of Agriculture.