Our Services

Meat Inspectors is a contract meat quality assurance company providing meat inspectors (as AAO’s) under a service agreement to meat processors.

Meat Inspectors works closely with our clients to determine staffing levels to cover meat inspection duties and appropriate back up to cover for leave and illness.

Meat Inspectors selects, recruits, employs, and continually trains our employees who perform inspection activities, collaboratively BUT independent of the control of the meat processor.


Our services include

  • Supply of independent quality assurance services
  • Certified and experienced Meat Inspectors
  • Staff employed (selected, recruited, trained and managed) by Meat Inspectors Pty Ltd
  • Quality work undertaken identical to current standard – same SOP’s and Work Instructions
  • New independent data collection and management systems, seamlessly integrated with existing enterprise systems
  • Joint workforce planning to ensure appropriate cover for leave and sickness
  • Quality hierarchy as now with AQIS OPV maintaining oversight
  • Ongoing feedback and monitoring on our performance will be gathered and acted upon (as required)
  • AAOs are approved with the current system
  • Deed of Obligation as per the current system
  • Australian Federal Police National Police Check
  • Verification of the appropriate skills to perform the function
  • On-going compliance and competency assessments
  • Full functional medical capacity assessment
  • Q-Fever immunisation
  • Drug and Alcohol testing
  • Ability to perform multiple functions
  • All Meat Inspectors will be subject to ongoing performance verification against national performance standards.