Meat Inspectors Pty. Ltd. is simply an amazing company. We had a good life back in the Philippines. I was a government employee earning enough money to make a living. But when I heard about the job possibilities in Australia for meat inspectors, my husband and I immediately applied. It was our dream to work in a foreign country with a good working environment, especially in the animal industry. Hazel hired us on-the-spot during the interview. We feel so blessed and proud to belong to a number one independent meat inspection service in the Australian meat industry and an ISO accredited company. The company helped us through the whole visa process and collected us at the airport when we arrived in Brisbane. They also helped us set up an appointment for our medical check-ups as well as opening an account at the bank, booking a hotel near the office during our two week academic tutorials, looking for a house to settle into and even booking driving lessons for us. Meat Inspectors exemplifies the sense of helping one another as a team. We are not treated as an employee, but as part of a growing team which aims to safeguard the meat industry of Australia.